We at Captain keep up to date with trends, consumer behavior and industry demands in order to expand our product portfolio. We are keen to contribute to the success of our customers and add value for their own brands and products.

Fragrance Oil

From premium and high-end designer fragrances to the enticing scent of functional cleaners, home fragrance, fabric and personal care products, our fragrances spark emotions and enrich lives.


From baked goods and beverages through to condiments and seasonings, our ingredients offer brilliant taste, functionality, and most importantly food safety.

Dyes and Colors

We supply various types of vibrant dyestuff and colors for industrial applications. Bring color to your world with our selection of water-soluble/water-based, oil-soluble/oil-based, and powdered colorants

Essential Oils

100% pure and natural essential oils with their strong signature scents are known for their therapeutic and antimicrobial properties.

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