Since 1966

CAPTAIN and COMPANY has been a reformer in the science of the senses since 1966 and is recognized as a leading manufacturer and supplier of fragrances, flavours and other chemicals to delight the senses.

Over the years, Captain has evolved and expanded as an international supplier for specialty chemicals and raw materials, serving as an essential building block for the finished products that we need and use so widely on a daily basis.

Fragrances for Homecare

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We at Captain keep up to date with trends, consumer behavior and industry demands in order to expand our product portfolio. We are keen to contribute to the success of our customers and add value for their own brands and products. If you have any questions or queries, do contact us.

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The team is incredibly friendly and feels like my own. They are very easy to work with and incredibly flexible. Thanks to them, I’ve reduced my internal stocks by adapting just-in-time stocks with Captain and Company. This has significantly improved my cash flow. I’m assured of receiving the right fragrance at the right time. As an entrepreneur, this is a significant advantage for me.

Roger Thomas

Owner /Founder
In the homecare product business, fragrance plays a pivotal role, be it in detergents, shampoos, shower gels, or shaving gels. To maintain a competitive edge, we consistently require innovative and appealing scents. Captain and Company is our secret weapon. Frankly, I hesitate to disclose this publicly as I fear losing my competitive edge.

Omar Abdel Rahman

CEO of Home Care Product Company
Captain and Company is my trusted partner. Whenever I seek a specific fragrance, they match it perfectly and deliver on time. Thanks to the inspirational fragrance oils from Captain and Company, we have successfully incorporated international scents into our products.

Ahmed Al-Mansoori

Founder of a Reputed Prefume Company